Urine Trouble

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from Aurora, Colorado. Apparently bozo Angelique Ramirez was up for a job interview, and part of the qualifications for the job required a passing a urine test. And one of the qualifications of a urine test is that it be at body temperature, to insure that it is “real” sample. Knowing she couldn’t pass the test with her own urine, our bozo acquired some “clean” urine. Now, how to get it to body temperature. Well, there was a 7-Eleven right next door. How about using their microwave to warm it up just a bit. Bad idea. Apparently she hit the “cook” rather than the “warm” button, as the 7-Eleven employee reported hearing a loud bang and then saw a yellow liquid leaking from the microwave. Yuk. Yep, our bozo had tried to warm the urine in the microwave and the bag it was in had burst. The cops were called and our bozo just didn’t see what the problem was, as she had offered to clean up the mess. She’s been ticketed with damaging the 7-Eleven microwave.