Whoosh! You’re Busted!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Jefferson County, Colorado, where bozo David Pierce pulled up to the drive-thru at his neighborhood bank. He dropped his deposit in the tube and sent it to the teller. Unfortunately for him, he included two bags of cocaine along with the cash he was depositing. The teller quickly called the cops who found more drugs in his car. Busted! No withdrawals allowed on this account.

You Mean It’s Not Essential?

The Bozo Criminal Report has been compiling some of the Bozo Excuses for violating stay at home orders during the covid-19 outbreak. Today’s report came from one of the first countries to go on lockdown during the crisis, Italy. Police there stopped our bozo for violating curfew and that’s when he offered up the Bozo Coronavirus Excuse of the week. He told the cops that he had run out of wine at home and was trying to find someplace, anyplace, that was selling wine. When told that only stores deemed essential could be open, he stated that he thought wine WAS essential. We would agree.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from Palm Coast, Florida. The cops were conducting an investigation into illegal drug trafficking in the area when they arrived at our bozo’s residence. Before they knocked on the front door, they noticed the welcome mat wasn’t so welcoming. It said, “Come Back With A Warrant.” Always being good at following directions, that’s just what the cops did. When they returned, they found fentanyl and other drug paraphernalia inside. Busted!

And Yes, Technically He IS a Rocket Scientist

After being on Covid-19 hiatus we return with a story that doesn’t involve criminal activity, but seems appropriate for the times. Our bozo for today, one Daniel Reardon, is an astrophysicist in Australia. Like many of us, he became bored in isolation so he decided to try to invent something that might prove helpful during the epidemic. He came up with the idea of a device that would keep you from unnecessarily touching your face by setting off an alarm when your hands neared your face. Seems like a good plan. First, he came up with a magnetic bracelet that would trigger an alarm when it encountered another magnetic field. Now, where do you place the other magnets? How about up your nose? Sure. Give it a try. He placed two magnets inside his nostrils and two others on the outside. So far, so good. Things went downhill when he removed the magnets from the outside of his nostril. Click! The two inside his nostrils stuck together. Stuck so tightly that he couldn’t remove them. When he tried to place another magnet on the outside of his nostril to try to pull the other magnet back, he lost his grip and the magnet clipped onto the other one inside his nose. He now found himself with two magnets stuck in one nostril and on in the other. Next step, a trip to the hospital where doctors were able to remove the magnets without further problems. Mr. Rocket Scientist says he’s through with magnets for a while.