Crocs, Comfortable, Yes. Good For Fleeing, No

Bozo criminal for today comes from West Boca Raton, Florida, where an unidentified couple pulled up to a Chipotle restaurant around lunchtime. As they were entering the cafe, they noticed bozo Dominick Santino walk up to their truck and attempt to open the door. The driver yelled at our bozo who took off running, losing his Croc shoes in the process. Don’t know if it was coincidence or out of necessity, but our bozo ran directly to a nearby Discount Shoe Warehouse store. When the cops arrived, they found our bozo walking out, barefoot, and carrying a bag of new sneakers. The officer told him to sit down on the curb to answer some questions and our nervous bozo then proceeded to pee on himself. When asked why he tried to open the door of the truck, he replied that he “used to have a truck” and thought the vehicle was his. He’s been charged with attempted burglary and public intoxication.

A Fishy Story

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Wakefield, England, where bozo Nigel Baxter went to the Pets at Home store to purchase some goldfish. Sounds innocent enough, except for one thing. He had stolen a tank from the same store a few days earlier. The clerk became suspicious when our bozo described his tank, and it was exactly the same one that had recently been stolen. So, he asked our bozo to write down his name and address, which he did. The cops were called and when they went to investigate our bozo quickly confessed. He’s busted!

Well, That’s One Way To Avoid Pesky Salespeople

Bozo criminal for today comes from Mount Olive, New Jersey, where police officers driving by the local Kia dealership a little past midnight noticed something strange. They saw our unidentified bozo get into one of the cars on the lot and drive it off. They quickly pulled him over and that is when he offered up the Bozo Excuse of the Week. He told the cops he had driven to the dealership to look at new cars and when he spotted one with the keys in the ignition he “decided to take it for a test drive.” After explaining to him that after hours test drives weren’t a part of the dealers customer service package, the cops arrested him on charges of burglary and unlawful taking of means of conveyance.

Guess Unmarked Cars Don’t Have Police Scanners Either

Bozo criminals for today come from the International File in Copenhagen, Denmark, where an unidentified police officer in an unmarked car began chasing a vehicle that he observed speeding. Instead of slowing down, the other car simply sped up and tried to outrun the vehicle. Not surprising, since the second vehicle was also a police officer in an unmarked car who thought he was being harassed by the driver in the first car. The situation quickly deteriorated into a high speed chase between the two cops and only ended when the chasing cop rammed the second vehicle, causing it to crash into a third car. No injuries were reported, but there was much embarrassment when the officers discovered each other’s identity. And to add to the embarrassment, both officers have been charged with endangering traffic safety.

Maybe He Had Some Coffee With His Sandwich

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glenn Winkey for sending in today’s report from Apopka, Florida where police were called to a report of a burglary in progress at Sam’s Discount Food Store. When they arrived, all they could see were the feet of our bozo hanging from a grease covered vent in the store’s roof. It took some doing, but our bozo was finally extracted from his greasy predicament, and when he was free, he came up with the both the Bozo Excuse and the Bozo Request of the Week. First, the told the officers he had broken into the store because he “really wanted a ham sandwich.” And his Bozo Request? After being freed, he told the officers he “really needed to take a poop.” He now has full toilet privileges at the county jail.

Next Time Get It “To Go”

Bozo criminals for today come from Naples, Florida, where our two bozos took a little shopping trip to the neighborhood Walmart. And a big day of shopping can cause you to work up quite a thirst, so one of them did the bozo thing. She took a bottle of wine down from the shelf and the two began drinking it straight from the bottle as they walked around the store. When store employees tried to tell them what they were doing was a bad idea, our two ladies became belligerent and started cursing at them, which led to the cops being called. And even the presence of the cops did not calm down our by now drunken bozos, as they continued to curse and fight with officers as they tried to put them in the patrol car. They’ve been charged with disorderly intoxication.

Smile, You’re On Bozo Camera

Bozo criminals for today come from Anne Arundel County, Maryland, where police received a call from a woman who said she had lost her credit card while shopping near a local movie theatre. Police reviewed the card’s transactions and discovered the card had been used to purchase movie tickets. Reviewing surveillance footage, they found that the thieves, a group of teenagers, had also used the card to take pictures of themselves in a photo booth in the theatre lobby. One of the pictures even showed them proudly holding up the stolen card. After releasing the photos to the public, our bozo teen thieves were quickly identified. They’re busted!

A Better Idea Would Have Been To Use the Horn

Bozo criminal for today comes from Lakeland, Florida, where police received a complaint about a man in an unmarked car using flashing blue lights and impersonating an officer. One woman who complained got a picture of the car including the license plate number, which helped the cops quickly track down our bozo. It was when they asked him what he was doing that he came up with the Bozo Excuse of the Month. He said he installed the flashing blue lights on his car to get the “stupid people” to move out of his way. He got a free ride in a real police car to the station house.

At Least Keep the Windows Rolled Up

Bozo criminals for today come from Totowa, New Jersey, where one bozo asked a couple of his bozo friends to take him down to the police station to pick up the paperwork for an impounded car. While he was inside, his bozo friends became bored, and, to pass the time, decided to light up. Unfortunately, what they lit was a marijuana cigarette. And even more unfortunately, they didn’t take into account that, since it was a police parking lot, cops might be walking by. They caught a whiff of the stuff and our bozos were busted!

A Toe Jamb

Bozo criminal for today comes from Fort Pierce, Florida, where bozo Martin Lopez was arrested on an aggravated battery charge. When the cops were booking him into the County Jail, they asked him if he had any weapons or drugs on him, he said no, but one of the officers noticed something strange sticking out from between his toes. It was a small baggie containing a white powder. When asked about it, out bozo admitted it was cocaine, but was adamant that the drugs were not his. When he was unable to explain how the drugs that were not his ended up between his toes, he was charged with possession of drugs and smuggling contraband into a detention facility.

Product May Not Be Exactly As Pictured

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from the International File in West Midlands, England. It seems our bozo was in need of a little feminine companionship, so, after reading an advertisement in the local newspaper, gave the lady a call. He asked her to describe herself and what she described was just what he was looking for, so he set up an appointment to meet her. Unfortunately, what she described and what our bozo saw upon her arrival were two completely different things. So, he did what any bozo would do, he called the cops to complain, complaining that she “breached the Sale of Goods Act.” The police listened carefully and then politely pointed out that soliciting for sex was illegal. Even then, our bozo would not take no for an answer, demanding to come down to the station house to debate the matter. Ever polite, the British cop declined the officer and instead sent out bozo a warning letter about the dangers of soliciting prostitutes.

Only a Phone Call Away

Bozo criminals for today come from Fresno, California, where the 911 operator received an unusual call. She heard one voice ask if he had the hammer ready followed by the sound of breaking glass. Shortly thereafter she heard them talking about finding a bottle of prescription medication. By this time, the operator had figured out what was going on. One of our bozo burglars had butt-dialed 911 as a burglary was in progress. Our bozos even stayed on the line congratulating themselves on a successful break-in after it was over. Not as successful as they thought. They’re under arrest.

If She Had Only Stolen Some WD-40

Bozo criminal for today from Chelsea, Massachusetts, violated Bozo Rule Number 222098: Make sure your escape route actually leads to an escape. Bozo Laura Brown walked into the Market Basket store and proceeded to shoplift a number of items, stuffing them into her purse. When she was confronted by the manager, she threatened him with a knife and then attempted to escape by climbing into the ceiling. Her getaway went terribly wrong as she quickly became stuck. Stuck so tight in fact that firefighters had to called to free her before she could be placed under arrest.

Have a Cup of Coffee and a No-Doz

Our bozo for today is not a criminal, but we couldn’t let his bozo achievement go unrecognized. From the International File in Afp, Germany, comes the story of a sleepy bank employee, who shall remain nameless. He was in the process of performing a minor transfer into the account of a retiree when he nodded off. This resulted in his pushing the number 2 key on the keyboard numerous times instead of the one he was supposed to enter. As a result, instead of 62 euros being transferred into the account, 222 million were actually transferred. Oops. The bank caught the error and the correct amount was credited to the account. As far as we know, Sleepy still has his job.

Put Down Your Teeth and Step Away From the Car

Bozo criminal for today comes from North Strabane Township, Pennsylvania, where police were called to the scene of a multi-vehicle crash. Several good samaritans stopped to help, including one woman who parked in front of the driveway of our bozo, 71-year-old William Munson. This did not sit well with our bozo who was heading out to dinner with his wife and found himself boxed in. So, he did what any angry bozo would do, he started arguing with the cops, eventually shoving a couple of officers. When they tried to arrest him, he resisted, then faked a heart attack. As they were trying to restrain him, he took out his false teeth and hurled them at one of the cops. That was the last straw. He’s under arrest, facing several charges, including aggravated assault and making terroristic threats.

Should Have Taken Them “To Go”

Bozo criminal for today comes from Syracuse, New York, where bozo Moses Willis broke into a vacant rental home to steal copper piping. As you can imagine, this is hard work and our bozo was thrilled when he discovered an unopened case of beer in the basement. And, even though it was not cold, it still looked too good to resist. So, he helped himself to a couple of brewskis and drank them right there on the spot, leaving the cans behind. He should have taken them for recycling, too. The cops were able to identify him by the DNA left on the cans. He’s under arrest.

Next Time Try

Bozo criminal for today from the International File in Novokuznetsk, Russia is a certified member of the Bozo Lonely Hearts Club. Our unidentified Siberian man broke into a residence and asked to see a certain young lady. When he could not find her, he took out an air gun and a bundle of green wire shaped to look like a hand grenade and threatened her younger sister. The man said he would blow up the house if she didn’t call the young lady. Instead she called the cops and our lovelorn bozo was placed under arrest.

What Really Needs Fixing Are Those “Walk” Buttons

Our bozo criminal for today actually did something many of us have only thought about. From Vallejo, California comes the story of frustrated pedestrian Anthony Carson who thought a new crosswalk was needed at an intersection, so he took matters into his own hands and painted one. And while he was at it, he crossed out three other crosswalks nearby that he thought weren’t needed. Our amateur traffic control officer is under arrest, facing vandalism charges.

Is That a Pill In Your Pocket or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Bozo criminal for today comes from Delray Beach, Florida, where the cops pulled over bozo Tiana Hernandez for a traffic violation. While speaking to another applicant of the car, the officer heard our bozo say she was “in Delray Beach to buy narcotics.” Turning his attention to her, the officer asked her about a bulge in her chest pocket. And that was when she came up with the Bozo Excuse of the Week. She told him the bulge was her nipple. The officer advised her he knew what a nipple looked like and that wasn’t a nipple. At that point our bozo took a round white tablet from her pocket and swallowed it. She then admitted the pill was Dilaudid, a prescription narcotic. She’s been charged with possession of a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.

A List In Need of Revision

Bozo criminals for today come from Ocala, Florida, where bozos Andrea Martin and Jennifer Moore stole bathing suits and beef jerky from a local Wal-Mart. And why would they steal these items? Apparently, they had put together a “bucket list” and one of the items on the list was “steal something from a retail store.” Wonder if “go to jail” was also on that list?