It’s the Button Right There, With a Picture of a Lock On It

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Trondelag, Norway, where our unidentified teenage bozo broke into a Volvo dealership with big plans to steal himself a new car. Perhaps he should have made himself familiar with modern technology first. He got into the car he wanted to steal and somehow the doors got locked. Try as he might, he could not find the button to unlock the doors. Finding himself stuck, he did what any bozo would do. He called the cops for help. He was freed and arrested.

Who Invited Cousin Eddie to Christmas Dinner?

Bozo criminal for today comes from London, Kentucky. It seems bozo David Clark’s family had gathered to celebrate Christmas when an argument broke out as to whether the actual Christmas dinner should be served Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. Things escalated quickly and our bozo finally put an end to it by throwing the Christmas ham at another family member. The cops were called and, after finding the ham still laying on the floor, charged our bozo with assault and fleeing or evading police.

First, You Should Take the Sticker Off After You Pass the Toll Road Cameras

Bozo criminal for today comes from Richmond, California, where bozo Andre Carson wanted to avoid paying the toll on the Richmond/San Rafael bridge. So, he did what any bozo would do. He took the sticker recept from a box of Safeway teriyaki chicken wings and stuck it over the first two digits of his license plate. While his plan worked to avoid the toll, a cop spotted him shortly afterwards and pulled him over. Oops. He was charged with having an obstructed license plate and driving on a suspended license. The car was impounded.

I Thought That Red Button Meant “Stop”

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in this one from the Internal Affairs Department in Platte County, Missouri. The police department there was doing a DEA drug takeback program where dangerous prescription drugs are collected by the cops for safe disposal. It’s a good program unless you have one bozo part-time cop, which we have here. Our bozo was recorded him stealing some of the prescription drugs that had been taken to the police station for disposal. It was exactly how he was caught that landed him in the Bozo Hall of Shame. He forgot to turn off his body camera before doing the deed and the whole thing was recorded. Oops. Busted!

Basil Did This On Fawlty Towers and No One Arrested Him!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Harbor Springs, Michigan, where police received a call about a man beating his car with a baseball bat. Officers en route encountered a car that fit the description and pulled our bozo over. Inside they saw a baseball bat on the passenger seat. Unfortunately, they also saw an open container of alcohol inside the vehicle. Further investigation found he was driving with a suspended license and had another DUI conviction. He’s busted! Oh, and about that bat. He said he was fed up with his car running poorly and took out his frustrations by giving the car a few whacks.

The Mail Always Goes Through, Sometimes Even To the Wrong Person

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Fred McKinney for sending in today’s report from Graham, North Carolina. Our bozo inmates had hatched the perfect plan for breaking out of the Alamance County Detention Center. They would plant an explosive device on the south side of the center to create an escape route. And when you have such a perfect plan, you just have to share it with someone, right? Right. So our bozo wrote a letter to a friend on the outside detailing the plan, including a detailed map of the facility and instructions for making a bomb. Unfortunately, he mailed it to the wrong address. The woman who received the letter opened it, saw what it was, and called the cops. Oops. Busted! He’ll have a little more time behind bars to develop another escape plan.

But He Sounded Really Mean

The advent of the video doorbell has done its part in exposing bozo criminals, as is evidenced by the report today from Houston, Texas. The camera recorded our bozo, riding a bike and carrying a large stick as he approached the front door. The noise he made trying to break in set off an even better burglar alarm than the one on the doorbell, the neighbor’s feisty chihuahua. The video shows him scrambling to get away on his bike with the chihuahua in hot pursuit! Good dog!

Danger Will Robinsonovich!

It’s going to be tough to track down the actual criminal in today’s report, but the odds are his name may be Vladimir. From Russia comes the story of Boris the Robot, an high-tech marvel who can dance and interact with people. His developers touted him as a great example of Russian technology who would inspire Russian youth to study robotics. Great idea, huh? Well, not exactly. A photo turned up on social media of Boris visiting with young people and a man’s neck was clearly visible underneath the “head” of the suit. Yep, Russian technology was actually an man in a robot suit. Boris and Natasha would be so embarrassed.

He Needs His Beauty Sleep

Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Coventry, England, where bozo Kierran Brown was given probation for breaking into several homes. As part of his probation, he was required to meet with his probation officer weekly at 10 am. Apparently this schedule interfered with his sleep patterns as he soon just quit showing up. He was brought before the judge and our bozo told him that he just couldn’t get up that early and, truth be told, he’d rather just go to jail. Um…I don’t think you get to sleep in in jail. He’ll find out as he was given his wish.

Is That a Sandwich Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Bozo criminal for today comes from Lakeland, Florida, where a man was caught on surveillance video walking around a convenience store. He is then seen grabbing a foot-long sandwich and shoving it down his pants. Fortunately for him, it wasn’t a hot sandwich! He then purchased a Polar Pop and left without paying, riding away on a bicycle. Police are still looking for our well-fed bozo.

He Was Overfilled With Holiday Cheer

Bozo criminal for today comes from (again) the state of Florida, this time from Cape Coral. The cops arrested bozo Travis Hastings after he rear-ended another car. When the cops asked him for his drivers license, he handed them a hotel key card. After refusing a request to take a breathalyzer test, he was loaded into a squad car. It was at this point that he offered up the Bozo Comment of the Week. He said to the officer, “Uber, when we get back to my room, can I go to bed?” There’s not gonna be a pillow top mattress where he’s going. He’s busted!

Yet Another Challenge Crushed

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in this one from the International File in Saskatoon,Saskatchewan, Canada. The cops there were investigating a series of mailbox break-ins and they posted a picture of the suspect on their Facebook page. They weren’t expecting the response they received from our bozo when he posted, “Catch me if you can pigs.” Challenge accepted. Within three weeks, he was tracked down and arrested. No word if he’s unfriended the police department.

I Told You To Get the Small Canisters!

Bozo criminals for today from the International File in Liverpool, England thought they had a good plan. Use some gas canisters to blow the front off an ATM machine. Then, grab the cash and everyone will have a Merry Christmas. Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. Apparently they didn’t know the explosive power of the gas canisters as residents nearby reported hearing a tremendous blast that completely destroyed the cash machine and damaged nearby buildings. There were also reports of a stunned bozo staggering empty-handed toward his getaway car. The investigation continues.

And If You Think That’s Scary, Just Wait Until Cousin Eddie Shows Up

No criminal activity involved in today’s report from Austin, Texas, but in the spirit of the holidays we have to include this one. An Austin family had just proudly completed their elaborate Christmas display, a tribute to the classic movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, when a concerned passerby noticed something. There was a man dangling from the roof in apparent danger. Security camera footage caught the passerby saying, “Oh mister, please hold on” as he attempted to move the ladder that was also part of the display. After being unable to reach the “man”, he dialed 911 to report someone in danger. The cops arrived and confirmed that the “man” was a dummy dressed up to look like Clark Griswold in a scene from the holiday classic. After warning the homeowner that perhaps the scene was a little too realistic, a sign saying “Clark G is part of our Christmas display, please do not call 911” was added.

Leave the Pants. Take the Generator

Bozo criminal for today comes from Lakeland, Florida, where our unidentified bozo used a fire extinguisher to break through the wall of a Hyundai dealership. Maybe he was carrying a few post-Thanksgiving pounds as the hole was just barely large enough for him to squeeze through. In fact, it was such a tight squeeze that he lost his pants in the process. And the whole embarrassing process was caught on video. He was, however, able to retrieve his pants and get away with a generator. Both he and his pants remain at large.