Honestly, Officer, Just Make Him Go Away!

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Bozo criminal for today from Seattle, Washington, got a little more than she bargained for when she stole a cell phone. It all started on a city bus when our unidentified bozo spotted a man napping with his cell phone on his lap. She grabbed the phone and fled along with her boyfriend, with the man in hot pursuit. He caught up with them and, after a brief scuffle, our bozo did something that would only make sense to the bozo mind. She called 911 to report that the man she had stolen a cell phone from wouldn’t leave her alone. Investigating officers found her to be in possession of the stolen phone, along with three grams of crack. She’s under arrest.

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  1. R. Githyanki

    Reminds me of a scammer I had the pleasure of meeting. He advertised a iPhone 5 on craigslist, and my friend went to go purchase it from him. Gave him a phone, took the money and ran. Took a minute for my friend to realize he had a iPhone 4. We went back on craigslist, found he had another iPhone 5 for sale, arranged a meet. I showed up and he gave me the phone, then my friend got out of the car. We told him to return the money, or we would keep this phone too. Figured he would run, but he called the cops. They made his dad pay us back to avoid charges.

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