Or Should That Be Turd Degree Burglary?

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Bozo criminal for today comes from Des Moines, Iowa, where the police were called to a residence by a man who reported that a bag had been stolen from his pickup truck. He told the cops that someone broke into the driver’s side door of the vehicle and removed the bag before making his getaway. And, what exactly were the contents of the bag? He explained that the bag was full of dog poop. Hope he had one of those pine tree air fresheners in the truck. The cops put a value of $1 on the poop and our bozo, if caught, will be charged with third degree burglary.

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  1. dawn

    Who would want to steal a bag of dog poop?!

  2. Randall

    More importantly, who would be carrying around a bag of poop?
    I had my car broken in to in the parking lot of a store. I had just bought a $20 bag at a previous store, and had a tool box with about $2000 worth of tools and a laptop in the car also. The only thing the thief took was the $20 luggage bag. The alarm going off must have panicked them so they grabbed one thing and ran. Cost more to fix the window than the bag they stole.

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