1 2, 1998

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From Benton, Illinois, comes a bozo report of police being called to a burglary scene. The citizen reported that someone had broken into the barn where his large motor home was stored and had attempted to siphon gas out of it. When the officers investigated, they noticed a large five gallon gas can sitting right by the motor home. Next to the can was a piece of siphoning hose. It also appeared that our bozo had become ill while trying to siphon the gas out of the motor home, as their was vomit at the scene. Upon further investigation, it was obvious why the bozo became ill. Being unfamiliar with this type of vehicle, the bozo had removed the gas cap, or so he thought, stuck in the hose, and began to suck on the other end of the hose to get the gas flowing. Only problem, what began flowing wasn’t gas. The bozo had not stuck the hose in the gas tank. He had stuck it in the motor home’s portable sewage container.