February 23, 2000

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Vince Colvin of Mineola, Texas for sending us today’s story. From the International File in Buenos Aires, Argentina comes the story of four rather clumsy bozos who broke into the home of 86 year old Julia Castillo late one evening. It was a moonless night and it was dark in the house. Very dark. In fact Mrs. Castillo was awakened by the sound of our bozos stumbling around and running into things. Mrs. Castillo does just fine in the dark, having been blind since birth. She picked up the baseball bat she kept close to her bed and tiptoed down the hall. She began swinging the bat and hit all four bozos, delivering lumps to their heads. And while she was swinging, she was also calling out to her neighbors for help. When the bozos were finally able to find their way out of the house, the ran right into the arms of arriving cops.