February 9, 2004

  • 1 min read

There’s a whole lot of bozo activity going on in today’s story, not all of it criminal, but a couple of folks did end up in jail, so here goes. From Centerville, Utah comes the story of an unidentified 20 year old bride who went shopping for makeup on her wedding day with her mom and her maid of honor. Sometime during the shopping trip, the maid of honor decided to tell the bride that she was "more than just friends" with the groom. And they’d been very friendly the night before. A big fight broke out in the parking lot and the bride was charged with assault. The bride then told the cops she’d like to have "a little chat" with the groom. The police thought it best that they accompany her on the visit. While they were chatting, the police ran a quick check on the groom and discovered he had several outstanding warrants. He’s now in jail, which might be the safest place for him.