Her Answer Was “Butt Out”

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Bozo criminals for today come from Milton Georgia, where it’s prom season. And what does that have with our bozos? Read on, you’re going to find out. The cops were called to the Bethany Church Road on Saturday night after a report of suspicious activity. A man told the police his dog had been barking at four teenagers in a truck outside his residence. He grabbed his shogun and they jumped into their truck and fled. However, he noticed one of them loaded something large into the truck before fleeing. Upon further investigation, it was found that one of the man’s neighbor’s goats was missing. The cops pulled over a truck matching the description a short distance away and found the teenagers, along with a goat, inside the vehicle. And now, the Bozo Excuse of the Week. One of the teenagers said he thought it would be clever to present the goat to a girl and ask her, “Will you goat with me to the prom?” Only in the mind of a teenage bozo. The goat was returned safely to its owner. The boys have been charged with theft of livestock.