Here’s a Tip: Don’t Steal the Tips

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminals for today come from our No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Department. As you may be aware, Dairy Queen stores across the country celebrated the chain’s 75th anniversary this week by giving away free ice cream cones. One of the stores in St Clair Shores, Michigan has a tip jar on the counter for employees and during the free giveaway a group of teenage girls grabbed the jar along with their free cones. And of course, being teenage girls, they couldn’t keep the theft to themselves. They posted a selfie on Snapchat with the words “Robbed Dairy Queen tip jar”. They then sent the picture to all of their friends and, unfortunately, also to the local Fox TV outlet. That, coupled with the fact that someone also got the license plate of their getaway car led to the case quickly being resolved. And by the way, the local fire department is only a couple of blocks away and firefighters took up a collection to give the Dairy Queen all their money back and then some.