October 03, 2000

  • 1 min read

One final report on Bozo activity at the Sydney Olympic Games. Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Ellen Budden from Woomera SA Australia for today’s report. Bozo Harry Carnes stole an olympic pass and made his way to the stadium to relax and watch a few events. But luck was not on our bozo’s side this evening as he took a seat in the stadium right next to the person whose credentials he had stolen. When the athlete noticed his name on our bozo’s id tag, he started to question him. Knowing he was caught, our bozo leapt up and tried to flee but was quickly caught by the athlete and three of his friends. Being members of the Australian judo team, they had no problem holding him down until the cops arrived. And if the police need any furter evidence, the whole thing was caught on videotape as it happened directly behind another athlete who was being interviewed.