December 21, 2001

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Gregg Hanke for sending in today’s report. From Columbus, Ohio comes the story of a bozo who learned the hard way that while a dog may be man’s best friend, it doesn’t apply to bozos. Police officers received a 911 call that sounded like a woman in trouble. Cops traced the call to the cell phone of one Nandor Santos and arrived at his home a few minutes later. Our bozo wasn’t at home but a man staying at the house was more than happy to let them in to take a look around. Inside the cops found no emergency but did find a basement greenhouse with over 150 marijuana plants. Our bozo arrived shortly thereafter, having been out hunting with his dog. Seeing the cops, he tried to escape but was quickly apprehended and charged with drug possession. And just what did the dog have to do with the bust? The found our bozo’s cell phone in the car’s front seat, underneath the dog. The pooch had stepped on the speed dial button for 911 and inadvertently turned his master in.