December 11, 2002

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminals for today violated Bozo Rule Number 0034: First be sure you know exactly what it is you’re stealing. From Irvine, California comes the story of a team of three bozos who stole some Chihuahua puppies from the local animal shelter. A few days later they brought the pups into the local Petsmart for vaccinations and an examination. They attracted some attention to themselves when they asked the manager what type of dog the puppies were. When she told them they were Chihuahuas they were rather insulted and told her no they weren’t. These puppies were Pit Bulls, according to our bozos. After they left, the manager did some checking and found the puppies had been reported stolen from the animal shelter. When our bozos brought their pit bulls back for a second round of shots they were arrested.