March 10, 2009

Our bozo for today probably doesn’t deserve the title of "criminal." In fact, he did something that most likely we’ve all thought about doing after dealing with a government agency. From Swanzey, New Hampshire, comes the story of bozo Robert Yates who was upset because his Social Security check had not been deposited into his account as usual. So, he called the Social Security office to complain. After negotiating a complicated voice mail system, he was then shifted from one employee to another until he was put on hold for almost an hour. When someone finally came back on the line, he blew a gasket and said he was going to kill the first person he found at the Social Security office. They took his treat seriously and our bozo was arrested and charged with criminal threatening. And to add insult to injury, when he returned home, he found his Social Security check waiting for him in the mailbox. He had forgotten that he had cancelled his direct deposit.