And He Checked Every Bulb, Too

Our bozo for today isn’t a criminal at all, and some would question his bozo-worthiness, but he did get into trouble with the cops, and his story, at least during this holiday season, deserves mention. From Freehold, New Jersey, comes the story of Kevin Martin who is a big fan of the classic holiday movie, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” He was such a big fan that he decided to make his holiday display a tribute to Clark Griswald, the bumbling lead character in the flick. Re-enacting a classic scene from the movie, he dressed a dummy as Clark and then hung him from the roof above a toppled ladder. Everyone seemed to enjoy the display until one fateful evening when our Mr. Martin went to bed and forgot to turn off the spotlight on the hanging mannequin. And, of course, someone drove by, saw the dummy on the roof and thought someone was trying to break into the residence. The cops were called and didn’t see the humor in the situation, ordering Mr. Martin to remove the dummy from the roof. He wasn’t charged, but now he’s looking for a new home for Mr. Griswald.