Oh, I Just HAVE To Wear This Today

Bozo criminal for today comes from Maple Valley, Washington, where our unidentified bozo snatched a purse that was left on a table at a Starbucks cafe. She then hailed a cab and, using the information found inside the purse, went to the victim’s house and let herself inside. By this time, the victim had made her way back home and spotted the cab in front of the house. The cabbie told her the woman had told him she was going to the house to “pick someone up.” The cops were called and, by the time they arrived, our bozo had left by the back door. Several things were missing, including numerous items of clothing. And that is where our story might have ended, except for one thing. It seems those items of clothing were so lovely that our bozo simply couldn’t resist wearing them the very next day. To a nearby restaurant. And who should walk into the restaurant but the victim who recognized her clothes. The cops were called and our bozo, who by this time was hiding in the restroom, was placed under arrest.