Tapping Out Doesn’t Mean You Get To Go Free

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Our bozo for today from Phoenix, Arizona, gets our Bozo Bad Choice award. Cesar Barrera was looking for a house to break into. He found a nice one that apperared to have no one at home and went about his business. Unfortunately, the homeowner and his wife returned while he was still inside. Even more unfortunately, the home belonged to WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and his wife, who is also a WWE star known as Brie Bella. Not surprisingly, our bozo was no match for the champ who subdued him with a choke hold and held him until the cops arrived. Busted!

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  1. Billy Majors

    I hope this guy learns his lesson in jail cause and goes straigt cause next time he might break into the home of some one who wont just hold him for the cops. I know a semi pro wrestler and he would have needed a trip to the hospital if my friend had gotten ahold of him.

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