Hey, These Are Even Better Than Oreos!

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Howard Rost for sending in today’s report from Buffalo, New York. Bozo Sebastian Clark was an enterprising chef who wanted to expand his business. It was his particular brand of cuisine that got him into trouble. Bozo Clark specialized in pot cookies, which he sold for $10 a pop. He initally sold them on Craigslist but they turned out to be so popular he decided to expand and opened a “shop.” The “shop” was some bushes at the end of a dead end street near his home. Not the best location, but it worked. It worked so well, in fact, that the neighbors got suspicious and called the cops. A sting was set up and an undercover officer purchased one of his tasty treats which led to our Bozo Comment of the Week. As he was being placed under arrest, our bozo is reported to have said, “Well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.” Most likely he won’t be allowed to practice his chef skills in jail.