Nothing Can Run From a Deere!

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Fred McKinney for sending in today’s report from Jefferson County, Missouri, where Zane Clark was working in the woods, clearing trees as part of his lawn and tree service business. He had just cut down a tree and was loading the wood onto his tractor to take back to his truck when he saw our bozo driving away in the vehicle. Clark put the tractor into high gear and took off in hot pursuit, at the same time giving the cops a call on his cell phone. Since the heist took place on a gravel road deep in the woods, it’s not surprising that our bozo quickly managed to get the truck stuck. And that’s when the John Deere really went into action. Clark pulled the tractor right up behind the truck, put the bucket down and told our bozo, “Bud, you ain’t going nowhere.” And he didn’t. The cops arrived soon thereafter and our bozo was placed under arrest.