Seriously, Chief, I Think This Woman Just Laid an Egg

Our bozo for today from Alcante, Spain, proves that motherly love knows no bounds. Our 73-year-old bozo, who shall remain unidentified, paid a visit to her son who was a prisoner in Fontcalent prison. And she came bearing gifts. It’s what the gifts were and where she concealed them that got her in trouble. She took small doses of cocaine and heroin, as well as tranquilizers, and hid them inside a Kinder Egg, a popular egg shapedchocolate treat. She then wrapped the egg in a condom and inserted it in, um, a very private area. Her plan went awry when the guards announced she would be frisked before entering the prison. At which time she popped out the egg and handed it to prison guards. Whew. She’s under arrest.