Hey, Guys, I Was Only Kidding!

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from St. Augustine, Florida. Bozo Nicholas Carlson was pulled over after he was spotted driving erratically. As the cops approached the vehicle, our bozo sped away. A few minutes later, apparently thinking he had made a clean getaway, he called 911 to gloat. On the call he said, “what do we pay you guys for? Like I’ve driven past four cops.” He then went on to brag that no one could catch him because his Hyundai was really fast. He was wrong. He was pulled over and a quick look inside the vehicle found numerous drug paraphernalia, including several pipes, a jar full of marijuana, THC wax, a small bag containing an unknown white powder, and a dish containing a pink tinted crystal substance. He’s busted!