Do You Have Any Idea How Hard It Is To Blow Up One Of These?

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Michael McPherson for sending in this one from Dixon, Illinois. So, here is our bozo predicament. You took the kids over to a friends house. It’s hot, so, once there, you inflate a small wading pool so they can play and cool off. Fun time’s over and you’re ready to go home. But you’ve still got that inflatable pool…and it took a lot of huffing and puffing to blow it up, so what do you do? Not wanting to have to blow it up again, our bozo placed the fully inflated pool on the roof of her Audi SUV. But it could blow off. So what do you do? Tie it down? Nope. Have your two little girls sit in it, on the roof of the SUV, while you drive home? Yep. While the pool was safe, neighbors weren’t sure the kids were, so the cops were called. She’s busted! Charged with two counts of endangering the health or life of a child, two counts of reckless conduct, and failure to secure a passenger between 8 and 16.