2 10, 1997

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Bozo criminals for this morning are a couple of brothers from Quitman, Texas. James Earl Phleps and his brother Joe burglarized a storage building, taking most everything from inside and loading it into their pickup truck. A police officer was passing by about the time they were finishing up the job. He spotted them and they took off down a winding country road. The police officer gave pursuit. In a scene out of a bad movie, the bozos began tossing stolen items out of the truck and into the path of the officer in an attempt to slow him down. Objects hurled into the road included two car jacks, a chain hoist, a weed eater, a jack handle, a carburetor and a tool box loaded with socket tools. Obviously, the bozos didn’t steal a kitchen sink or they would have thrown that at the officer, too. The chase ended when the country road the bozos were fleeing down suddenly came to a dead end. The bozos were apprehended and charged with theft. They are lucky they weren’t charged with littering, too.