3 18, 1998

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new category in the world of Bozo Criminals today– Bozo Flying Evangelists! From the International File: in Salisbury, England comes the story of professional software salesman and part-time preacher John Holme who had what he thought was a great idea to spread the word. He’d take to the air in a motorized paraglider and use a megaphone to preach to those on the ground, thinking that the people would pay attention to a booming voice from out of the sky. He took off and soon discovered that the sound of the paraglider drowned out his preaching unless he flew very close to the ground–so low that he had to dodge trees, fences and tall pedestrians. Local authorities decided he was a hazard to both himself and people on the ground. When he landed, he was arrested, charged with reckless behavior and fined $1000 pounds.