6 23, 1998

  • 1 min read

The Bozo criminal for today comes from right here at Bozo Criminal World Headquarters, Sunny 106.5 Radio Texas. Yesterday one of our employees stopped by our building on his way to do some yard work, leaving a hedge trimmer in the back of his pickup. While he was inside a bozo walked by and stole the hedge trimmers out of the back of the truck–in broad daylight and right in front of Bozo Criminal World Headquarters, no less. Fortunately, someone noticed the bozo stealing the trimmers and immediately came inside to report the theft. Police were called and they thought if someone was stupid enough to steal the hedge trimmers out of the back of the truck in full view of an eyewitness he would probably also be stupid enough to immediately try to pawn them. The cops checked the pawn shop and sure enough the bozo had pawned the trimmers and given his correct name and address to the pawnbroker. Police simply drove over to the bozo’s house and arrested him.