6 9, 1998

  • 1 min read

The Bozo criminal for today comes from Coram, New York where Bozo James Prescott heard police knocking on his front door. He knew they were there to serve him with a warrant for petty larceny and assault. So, our bozo decides he will try to escape–through a roof vent. Once on the roof, with the house surrounded, the bozo realizes his only hope for getaway is to flee through a sump that leads to an underground sewer pipe. One problem, the sewer pipe is only 18 inches wide. Still, our bozo managed to squirm about 200 feet before getting stuck. And there he stayed, literally trying to keep his head above water and above everything else while praying no one in the house flushes a toilet. He waited for the cops to go away. They didn’t. Finally, after being stuck in the pipe for five hours, he called out for the cops to come rescue him, which they did, just before they hosed down and arrested him.