9 18, 1998

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Ron Lustek who passed along today’s bozo criminal report via the internet. From Tuscon, Arizona comes the story of Bozos Carlos Lopez and Benito Herrera who walked up to the Bank of America branch without noticing a marked sheriff’s department car out front. Determined to rob the bank, the bozos headed to the front door just as the two uniformed officers were walking out. One of the officers even held the door for our two bozos to enter. This would be enough to deter an ordinary robber, but not our bozos. They walked on up to the teller, handed her a holdup note and quickly ran out the door with their cash. They were calmly walking to their car when the bank manager ran out, noticed the officers still out front and pointed out the robbers. The bozos were arrested before they could even get to their vehicle.