12 16, 1998

  • 1 min read

The Thanks to several Bozo News Hawks who pointed out this doozy of a story in a recent Ann Landers column. From Chicago, Illinois comes the story of a bozo crook who made several mistakes in his attempt to rob his former boss. The bozo walked into his former place of employment, gun in hand, and demanded money. After getting his cash, the bozo removed his ski mask and his former boss immediately recognized him. Then, for reasons known only to the bozo, he told the man to remove all his clothes and wait in the restroom while he made his getaway. As the bozo was in his car counting his cash, the other man, totally naked, came running out looking for him. Witnesses, alarmed to see a naked man running around the parking lot, called the cops. Police arrived, questioned our nude victim, and had no trouble tracking down the bozo as his ex-boss still had his name and address from his job application.