September 09, 1999

  • 2 mins read

Ladies and gentlemen, we present for you today the first ever bozo criminal from our own industry (which has been known to have quite a few bozos in it over the years). From the Radio Division of the Bozo criminal files comes the story of the bozos who run the college radio station at Oxford University in England. It seems that the student run station at Oxford was in danger of losing its license because the station played a lot of music and not much of the science and arts programming that it was supposed to carry. So, the government agency charged with overseeing college radio in England asked the station for a tape of its March 1st programming. The bozos at the station knew they were in violation of the rules on that date so instead of sending them the actual tape, they decided to fabricate an entire day of programming. On March 8th, the station dropped the music programming and aired talk, news and education shows, all the while giving the date as March 1st. They then shipped those tapes off to the authorities. Only one problem—while acting as if it were March 1st, the bozos were reading news stories from the day they made the fake broadcast, March 8th, a week later. Needless to say the station was fined and all the bozo staffers lost their jobs.