September 22, 2000

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Al Thompson for today’s report. We all know that curiousity killed the cat. Well, it didn’t do our bozo any good, either. From Topeka, Kansas comes the story of bozo Vaughn Smalls. Our bozo and a buddy had set up a little counterfeiting operation in a local motel room and were hard at work one evening printing up bills on their computer when bozo Vaughn noticed the police cruising around the parking lot. Now, if you’re a bozo and you’re doing something illegal in your motel room and you notice the police outside, what do you do? You walk outside, leave the door to the room wide open, call the police over and ask them what they are doing. And that’s just what our bozo did. The cops noticed all the printing equipment and got suspicious. While checking out the room, the cops also found some illegal drugs and discovered that our bozo’s car was stolen. He’s been arrested.