October 29, 2002

  • 1 min read

Thanks to several Bozo News Hawks who alerted us to this one. From Chattanooga, Tennessee comes the story of bozo Rudy Roberts who along with one of his bozo friends had a couple of sacks of marijuana that needed to be dried out. Not having a microwave of their own, our bozos decided to use the one at the neighborhood convenience store. Leaving his friend asleep in the car, bozo Rudy walked in, right past the police car out front. On his way to the microwave, he spoke to the police officer in the store. He then put his stash in the oven, turned on the heat and immediately the store was filled with the aroma of pot. When the officer asked him what he was doing, he told him, "Drying out my marijuana." He’s now drying out in jail.