November 19, 2003

  • 1 min read

On a recent Bozo Report we told you that we thought our bozo for the day had tried every trick in the book. Well, he’s been topped by our bozo for today from Monroe, Washington. Bozo Howard Jackson was working for the Evergreen State Fair when he was spotted on the midway smoking an "unknown narcotic" and was fired immediately. And that’s when he went nuts. He tried to steal some money from another carnival worker, failing at that, he then ran to the women’s restroom where he took off all his clothes. When police officers arrived he fled through a window in one of the stalls, groping fair patrons as he headed toward a chain link fence which he climbed over. He then ran toward the highway where he tried to steal a car from a woman. When that failed he ran across the highway and tried to jump aboard a moving train. One problem, that train was moving at 45 miles per hour. He’s recovering in jail.