February 23, 2004

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Gregg Hanke for sending in today’s report. From Harrisburg, Oregon comes the story of bozo Robert Hinkle who violated Bozo Rule Number 0034: Watch where you step. The cops spotted our bozo at three in the morning with the back of his pickup filled with irrigation pipe. Thinking this was not the time most farmers did irrigation equipment maintenance, the officers checked and discovered our bozo had cut through a fence and stolen the pipe, planning to sell the metal for scrap. Our bozo was taken to jail and several other officers remembered a similar case of pipe theft that had gone unsolved. Our bozo initially denied any involvement in the case…until an officer whipped out a crucial piece of evidence. A boot print left in a cow pattie at the other crime scene, which exactly matched our bozo’s boots. Busted!