March 19, 2004

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk deputy Tim Warburg for sending in today’s report. From Norco, California comes the story of bozo Sandy Sanchez who was wanted on a couple of felony drug warrants and an identity theft case. Not knowing, or not remembering, she was wanted, she called the sheriff’s department, identified herself and asked if she could come down and talk about some problems she was having with her boyfriend. The officers remembered her and said, sure, come on down. While she was talking to one of the officers, another cop went outside to check her truck. Seeing what he was doing, she told the officer, "If he’s searching my truck, he’ll find a portable meth lab in there." When the cop came back in and reported he had found a small amount of drugs, but no lab, she said, "Oh, my mistake. It must still be at my house." It was. In the garage. She’s under arrest.