April 29, 2005

  • 1 min read

There’s really no criminal intent in today’s story but there was simply no way we were going to pass this one up. Our bozo story for today comes from Clovis, New Mexico where a report of a possible weapon at the middle school caused authorities to lock down the school, close nearby streets and place armed officers on the rooftops. It all came about after there was a report of a student entering the school carrying a long object wrapped in foil and covered by a t-shirt. While the police were conducting a search for the "weapon" one of the students came forward. He told the officers that he had been working on a class project where the assignment was to create a commercial for a product. His commercial was for a restaurant that specialized in making extra large burritos. And that’s the "weapon" that caused the lockdown. A thirty inch burrito filled with steak, guacamole, lettuce, salsa and jalapenos. The only thing this was a threat to was your diet!