November 3, 2005

  • 1 min read

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Joey Schwartzman for sending in today’s report. From Vail, Colorado comes the story of bozos Luke Clark and Anthony Parker who held up the local bank. In the process, several mistakes were made. First, our bozos made no attempt to disguise their Australian accents to bank employees, who were already familiar with them since they robbed the branch where they did their own banking. Second, they wore their workplace nametags on their shirts when they pulled off the heist. Third, flush with cash, they headed down to a local jewelry store where they purchased $10,000 worth of merchandise, which they tried to pay for with $5 bills from the robbery. Then, wanting to travel light, they dumped some of the excess cash in the trash at the Denver airport, but not before taking some souvenir photos of themselves with their haul. Not surprisingly, they’re under arrest.