June 27, 2006

  • 1 min read

Our bozos for today violated Bozo Rule Number 57633: Wait until you get home to change out of your work clothes. From Highland, California comes the story of bozos Michael Green and James Caperton who broke into a home and stole several items including a Playstation, an X-Box and a cordless phone. They loaded their loot into a couple of bags and left, in broad daylight. So far, so good. It’s what they did after they got out on the street that got them into trouble. Wanting to get out of the clothes that they had used in the robbery, they began stripping them off as they walked, throwing their clothes into the bushes. The sight of two nearly naked bozos, dragging a couple of bulging bags behind them attracted the attention of neighbors, who called the cops. They’re under arrest.