March 21, 2011

Bozo criminal for today comes from Irwin, Pennsylvania, where bozo Michael Harper called a local radio talk show to discuss a traffic stop for a faulty brake light. The radio host told him he could have the ticket dropped if he would stop by the police station within two days with proof that it had been repaired. And, noticing that the caller sounded a little out of it, he reminded him to avoid being high when he arrived. Unfortunately for our bozo, a local cop was also listening to the show and he contacted the police chief to advise him to be on the lookout. When our bozo arrived at the police station a short time later, reeking of marijuana, the chief accompanied him to the car to check the light. In the process, he asked our bozo if he was smoking pot. He replied that he was and, to prove it, reached into the car and pulled out a cigarette pack containing marijuana and a glass pipe. He’s busted.