Next Time Use “Password” Like Everyone Else

We are going to take the day off today from reporting on Bozo Criminal activity and give you a report from the Internal Affairs Department. There was no crime committed here but the ineptness detailed is certainly criminal. From New Delhi, India, comes the story of India’s Central Vigilance Commission, an agency set up to fight corruption. It seems this organization set up a system where citizens could report crimes online. Good idea, except for one thing. Somewhere along the way, the administrators forgot the password to access the citizens’ reports. And, try as they might, no one could figure out the password. And did we mention that the password was lost in 2006? Yep, they have an 8 year backlog of crime reports to go through now that someone has finally cracked the password. At this point, they promise to investigate all complaints, but can give no estimated date of completion.