And Your Request to Be Moved to the Frank Sinatra Wing Is Denied

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Bozo criminal for today from the International File in Gloucestershire, England definitely has our sympathies. It seems bozo Robert Starkey was in the middle of a 6 year sentence for armed robbery when the stress of being in prison finally got to him. So he formulated his plan for escape. Under cover of darkness, he scaled one of the prison walls and headed for the hills. As far as prison escapes go, it was a relatively successful one. He enjoyed 20 days of peace and quiet before he was captured. And that brings us to the reason for his escape attempt, and the reason he ended up on the Bozo Report. He wanted to get out of jail not because he was hungry for freedom and not because of abusive guards. Nope, instead it was his inmates and their choice of music that put him over the edge. He told authorites that it was the relentless sound of rap music that was being played day and night that finally got to him. The judge was not sympathetic. He’s had ten more months added to his sentence.