But I Just Looked So Good In the Mask

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminal for today comes from Corbin, Kentucky, where bozo Kevin Landry had big plans to rob a store. He was so proud of himself that the took a moment before beginning to take a selfie of himself wearing his white burglar’s mask. He then proceeded to ransack the store, with surveillance cameras showing him gathering up rifles, handguns, knives, cigarettes, chewing tobacco and food items. The cops worked several leads which led to them questioning our bozo in connection with the robbery. But since he had worn gloves and his face was covered by the white mask, the cops didn’t have much to go on. That is, until one of the officers asked if he could take a look at that cell phone. Our bozo handed it over, and, sure enough, there was the selfie of him wearing the mask. Busted!