Next Time Write a Letter

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Thanks to Bozo News Hawk “Sharkey in the Morning” for sending in the story of a bozo who violated one of the most basic Bozo Rules of them all. Rule number 000043: Don’t be too smart. Police in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, were investigating multiple residential burglaries. Due to the similarities in the cases, they believed they were all done by the same thief but they had no solid leads. That is, until they received a 911 call from a witness who claimed that he had seen a man fleeing the scene of one of the burglaries. Following up on the call, the cops discovered the man who called in the report had been pulled over for erratic driving in the area of the burglaries and further investigation uncovered that he was under suspicion of commiting a burglary in a nearby town. He was called in for an interview, and eventually he ‘fessed up. Our bozo had placed the call to 911 to try to give the cops a false lead to divert attention from himself. Didn’t work.