But This Worked For James Bond!

  • 1 min read

Bozo criminal for today comes from New York, New York, where bozo Pablo Rivera drives a big rig that regularly crosses the George Washington Bridge, which imposes a toll of $95 on big trucks. As you can imagine, this can add up pretty quickly. So our bozo came up with an ingenious plan to avoid paying. He installed a device on his front bumper that, with the flip of a switch, rotates it 90 degrees, making the license plate unreadable by the E-Z Pass cameras. Sounds like a good idea that should have worked except for one small thing. His timing. He flipped the switch on the bumper just as he passed an officer stationed at the toll booth, who saw everything and called the cops. Oops. He’s been charged with tampering with public records and possession of burglary tools.