But, Aren’t Snapchat Postings Supposed to Disappear!!??

  • 1 min read

We have had numerous cases of Bozos Foiled by Modern Technology by using social media, but today’s case brings it to a whole new level. From Fairfield, Maine, comes the story of bozo Christopher Warner who was wanted by the cops on an outstanding burglary warrant. The cops had been looking for him for a couple of weeks with no luck when our bozo made the first of a couple of fatal errors. They received a tip that he had posted on Snapchat that he had returned to Fairfield. So, the cops headed to his house. While they were searching the place with the permission of the resident, they received another tip. A new Snapchat message had been posted saying that the cops were searching the house he was hiding in and that he was hiding in a cabinet. Bad, bad idea. The cops opened the cabinet and our bozo was taken into custody.