Hashtag: Bozo

Bozo criminal for today comes from Lake Orion, Michigan, where the cops observed bozo Michael Baxter leave a local restaurant on his motorcycle at around 2:15 am. After our bozo performed a “loud and aggressive brake torque” an officer flipped on his lights and pulled him over. As soon as he exited his vehicle, our bozo peeled out at a high rate of speed. He was long gone before the cops could get back into his car and give pursuit. End of story, right? Wrong. Our bozo just couldn’t resist bragging about the incident on his Facebook page, saying that he was doing 140 in a 35 MPH zone and using the hashtags #nojailthisweekend and #everyonelovedit. Well, not everyone. The cops were able to use the post to track him down and he’s now facing a five-year felony charge of fleeing an officer and one charge of reckess driving. Hashtag hegotwhathedeserved.