Technically This Stuff Should Have Been Labeled “Weasel Ass Oil”

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from the International file in Wellington, New Zealand. Our bozos were looking for something to steal and they thought they had hit the motherlode when they spotted a box full of chemicals inside a truck. Thinking it was the ingredients for manufacturing methamphetamine, they broke in and fled with the box of stuff. Unfortunately, the stuff was not what they expected. The truck they broke into belonged to a company that is involved in protecting New Zealand’s native species. And one of the species they are researching is the New Zealand stoat, or short tailed weasel. The chemicals in the containers was anal-gland oil from the stoat, one of the foulest smelling chemicals on earth. Not sure what our bozos did with the stuff but if the cops want to find them, they should just follow their nose.