Well, the Customers Needed to Know

Another day, another bozo who should have stayed off social media. From Scranton, Pennsylvania, comes the story of bozo drug dealer James Harper. Undercover officers made a drug purchase from him and when he was ordered to the ground, he fled, losing his cellphone in the process. Anyone else who had such a close call with the cops would lay low for a while, but not our bozo. He fled to the residence of an acquaintance nearby where he immediately got on her computer. He went to his Facebook account and began warning friends and customers to not try to contact him via his lost cell phone, telling them, “Ima b off fb 4 a hot minute don’t call my phone.” The cops, who were searching the area, caught up to him while he was still frantically typing on the computer. He was arrested on multiple drug charges as well as counts of burglary, evidence tampering, resisting arrest and criminal trespass.