Tiger! Tiger!

Our bozo for today comes from the International File in the unfortunately named town of Peterhead, Scotland. The cops received a call from a very nervous farmer who said his cows had been trapped in the barn by a tiger. Yes, a tiger. In Scotland. The farmer even sent pictures of the animal to the cops who confirmed it was indeed a tiger. Officers were dispatched and a call was made to the local animal shelter to make sure a tiger had not been reported missing. Upon arrival, the cops decided the best plan was to keep a safe distance from the critter. For 45 minutes, a standoff occurred. Then, someone noticed that the tiger hadn’t moved. So, the officers crept closer…and closer. Still the tiger didn’t move. And then…they finally figured out it was a stuffed tiger. Oops. The farmer said there was a party going on at the home and one of the guests must have placed the tiger in the barn. No charges were filed.