And Once Again the Citizens of Tredegar Can Sleep Soundly Knowing They Won’t Be Mooned

Our bozo for today comes from the International File in Tredegar, South Wales. It seems bozo Christopher Foster climbed onto the roof of a building and mooned bystanders and taunted police officers who came by to get him to stop. And that’s when the local police sprang into action. More than 100 officers, armed police and a $4000 drone were dispatched to the scene in what became a 45-hour standoff. All totaled, over $23,000 was spent and 900 hours of police time wasted before our bozo finally sobered up and came down on his own. He said he had been drinking beer and had taken 56 sleeping tablets and a box of Nurofen before the incident. He’s busted and jailed for six months on charges of criminal damage and outraging public decency.